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Forever free tools for wonderful investors like you! I developed this Trading Calculator App tools so that, hopefully, I can help you keep track of your potential gains and losses, budget your buying power, and all-in-all make your trading and investing journey more fun and easy. More features and enhancements will be coming your way, so check this app occasionally. I hope you’ll love these! Feel free to share this app, leave comments/suggestions on the Contact page, and check out updates on the About page. Happy trading!

A simple Stock trading calculator where you can easily see your potential gains or losses before actually executing the trade. Provided with detailed breakdown of the commissions and fees, actual net profit and percentage of gain.

Easily determine if the stock shares you are planning to buy is a good deal or not. Provided with a ‘Multiple Buys’ feature and a ‘Selling Price’ field to easily determine your new stock average price and potential gains/losses.

Budget Buying Power (Single Buy)

Budget Buying Power (Single Buy) Image

Buying power is the available cash in your brokerage account which you can use to buy the stock shares you love. By using this Budget Buying Power Calculator, you may easily work out how many shares you can buy with your buying power (based on board lot or not) and what will be the average price per share.

Budget Buying Power (Multiple Buys)


This Budget Buying Power (Multiple Buys) Calculator is very useful whenever you want to compute your new stock average price per share after executing multiple transactions. This is also beneficial if you want to check whether your planned transactions are possible with your buying power or available cash in your brokerage account or not.